Asian Heart Institute (AHI) – Mecca of Heart Care


AHI has set a benchmark in pioneering advanced techniques for cardiac surgeries

Asian Heart Institute (AHI) was set up with a dream to provide the highest quality cardiac care in India. Into its 13th year of existence, the world-class cardiac centre located at Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai has today set a benchmark in pioneering advanced techniques for cardiac surgeries and providing a new lease of life to numerous patients considered inoperable.asaian

India’s Best Private Cardiac Care Hospital
Established in 2002 under the aegis of Asian Hospitals, with world renowned cardiovascular thoracic surgeon Dr Ramakanta Panda at the helm as its Vice Chairman, AHI has achieved a reputation of one the best heart hospitals in India in just over a decade’s time.
“AHI has put a benchmark in cardiac care in the country, whether it’s in terms of design, clinical results and patient outcomes, less complications or low infection rates,” shares Dr Panda.
AHI is recognised as the centre to do any heart surgery that is inoperable anywhere in the world. In just 13 years, the hospital has treated more than 3,00,000 patients, and has completed over 37,000 angiographies and more than 21,000 high risk heart surgeries, with 3,500 inoperable cases. These are breakthroughs in cardiac surgeries that have not only saved the lives of those concerned patients, but also opened the doors of hope for millions like them around the world. These serve as precedents for the medical fraternity and inspire doctors to make the impossible possible. AHI has a staggering success rate of 99.83% in bypass surgeries and an overall 99.60% in cardiac surgeries. These success rates are among the highest in the world.

Slew of Accreditation
Dr Panda, who is a staunch supporter of standardisation of medical care in the country, has ensured that AHI has several accreditations given by top notch global organisations. “We are the highest accredited hospital in the country. Our results are among the best in the world, not just in the country,” shares Dr Panda. AHI is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), NIAHO (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization)asaian1 asaian2

Excellence Personified
AHI has the lowest documented infection rates in India, The hospital is also one of the few centres in the world conducting nearly all bypass surgeries on a beating heart, with almost 90% patients getting arterial grafts. Surgery on a beating-heart helps reduce the risk of complications associated with the conventional way of doing this surgery where the heart is stopped temporarily during the operation.
Under Dr Pandas’ able guidance, the hospital recently conducted one of the largest studies on beating heart redo bypass surgeries The hospital’s latest data shows 1.5 % mortality (compared to 4.6 % mortality as per recent the Society of Thoracic surgery Data), indicating that complex redo bypass procedures are safer if done with specialised set up and skills. Today, the team of surgeons at AHI is successfully performing highly complex third and fourth time redo bypass surgeries.

World Class Facility
AHI has a patient-centric design with stress on safety and comfort of patients and relatives. All patient areas have been designed to minimise the risk of infection which globally, is the number one cause for deaths in hospitals.
Highlighting some of the measures taken in this regard, Dr Panda says, “The hospital has a huge lounge with beds and shower facility for ICU patient relatives and when the treatment is in progress, the patients’ relatives are counselled about the procedure.”
The hospital offers round-the-clock emergency services to the patients. It has 12 ultra-modern operations theatres, 100 intensive care units, fully equipped modernised pathology services, radiology, imaging services, blood bank, 24 hours pharmacy services and cardiac ambulance service. The hi-tech cath lab at the hospital for cardiac and vascular interventional procedures- comes with features like unique stent boost, ceiling suspended system gantry, superb image quality, MRC X-Ray tube technology with unique spectral filtration and continuous sensing safety mechanism. The 64 multi-detector CT scanner from GE Healthcare at the hospital is fast and provides excellent image quality. The 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner from Phillips is also specialised for cardiac imaging. The state-of-the-art machine is with equipped with dedicated 16 channel cardiac coil.

Preferred Medical Tourism Destination

Patients from across the world prefer coming to AHI given the excellent success rate of the cardiac surgeries. “Patients can get their treatment at AHI at 1/4 or 1/5 of the cost that is needed to go to the US,” shares Dr Panda. AHI has a dedicated international cell with trained staff who are well versed with all formalities pertaining to different countries and their consulates / embassies.
The hospital has been ranked amongst the World’s Top 10 Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists by Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQA) in 2013. “When it comes to a patient’s well-being, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards compromises,” adds Dr Panda.


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