UniHealth To Open UMC Victoria Hospital In Uganda

UniHealth has announced its plans to set up a state-of-art 100 bedded tertiary care hospital in Kampala, Uganda. UMC Victoria Hospital, a joint venture between the UniHealth Group (India) and Midcom Group (Uganda) will set up an integrated healthcare facility in Uganda, providing high quality medical and nursing services across a wide range of specialties. Benchmarked to international quality standards, state-of-art laboratory and radiology diagnostic services, modular operating theatres, in-house pharmacy, the hospital will be well equipped to provide convenient, patient focussed, quality centric efficient services – one that can be trusted round-the-clock, round-the-week and round-the-year.

Currently, the Group operates a state-of-art medical centre, Univic Medical Centre, in Kampala. Together, the two Groups intend to establish multiple medical centres across the region, enabling ease of access to quality healthcare services by larger segments of under-served populations.

While sharing this information, Dr Anurag Shah, Chairman, UniHealth Group said, “This hospital will bring many firsts to the private healthcare sector of Uganda and aims to provide specialized healthcare services to Ugandans who presently need to travel overseas for the same. With modular operating theatres, cardiac catheterization lab supported by complete radiology and laboratory diagnostic back-up, UMC Victoria Hospital will bring to Uganda the finest healthcare service delivery model”.


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