Children paints ‘Save Environment’ messages in a unique initiative by Hinduja Hospital

On the occasion of World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June every year, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC organised a unique activity to create awareness on pollution and its harmful impact.
Every year, air pollution leads to approximately 7 million premature deaths around the world, of which 4 million occur in Asia-Pacific. Based on this year’s theme of ‘Air Pollution’, the hospital brought together children to educate citizens on its effect. Children between ages of 5 and 12 years painted the walls outside the hospital depicting the ardent need to protect our environment. The paintings ranged from depicting scenes of ‘saving trees’ to ‘save water’ & ‘control pollution’.
Rendering his support towards this cause Joy Chakraborty, COO, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, “Environment plays a significant role in the health of the public. The declining condition of the natural environment is beginning to affect the health of populations in many parts of the world. It’s time we all become mindful and sensitive towards the natural environment in our daily life. Children are beacons of tomorrow and their inspirational paintings serve to make the citizens more environment conscious while encouraging them to take active steps towards creating a healthy planet.”

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