Interview with Dr. Ramakanta Panda on Medical Tourism & AHI



Dr Ramakanta Panda, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, on the reasons international patients choose the hospital

Why should international patients choose AHI?
Asian Heart Institute (AHI) has a staggering success rate of 99.83% in bypass surgeries and 99.60% in cardiac surgeries, which is among the highest in the world. AHI is also India’s highest accredited hospital with JCI, NIAHO and ISO certification.
Close to 3,00,000 patients have been treated by AHI doctors in the last 13 years. The hospital also has the rarest distinction of doing over 37,000 angiographies and angioplasties, 21,000 cardiac surgeries, 3,500 highly complex cardiac surgeries considered inoperable elsewhere and more than 1,100 redo operations.

From which countries does your hospital receive international patients? The patients come for which procedures?
Around 10-20 % of the patients coming to AHI are from foreign countries, mainly Africa, the Middle East, Nepal and others. They come for procedures such as angioplasties, bypass surgeries, highly complex cardiac surgeries considered inoperable elsewhere and high risk redo operations.

How many international patients has AHI treated so far?
In the last 13 years, we have treated over 6,500 foreign patients who were admitted to the hospital. Additionally, we treat five times the number of foreign OPD patients. These foreign patients hail from more than 38 countries.

What is the footfall of international patients treated every year?
Five hundred in-patients. The footfalls of international patients have started growing over the last few years.

Do you have tie-up with any government for getting international patients?
Yes, we have a tie-up with Oman for getting international patients.

What does AHI do to ensure comfort of international patients?
Facilities provided to all international patients:
•Airport pick up and drop from international and domestic airports.
• Assistance in securing hotel accommodation.
• Arranging appointments with AHI doctors.
• Complete orientation to the hospital on arrival at AHI.
• Personalised guidance at every step of the stay.
• Internet facilities to keep in touch with home.
• Personal phone facility at local rates and reasonable rates for international calls.
• AHI is located very close to the national and international airport. We provide transport from the airport.
• We facilitate accommodations for patients and relatives.

Any plans to strengthen your medical tourism business?

We look forward to gaining a strong position as a preferred centre of excellence in providing quality heart care at reasonable cost. We will focus on improving patient experience by scaling up our services. We plan to to strengthen our manpower in international patient care department, including personnel well-versed in foreign languages.


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