Special Feature

Operation Room Special Feature – Feb 2014

The Operating Room has always been the heart of any hospital. It is considered as one of the most critical zone within a hospital. In the last decade traditional ORs have significantly been transformed with emergence of new technology and intervention of clinical challenges. But yet to the present day, we see that OR led inefficiencies have resulted in poor viability and risked patient safety. Poor OR design, lack of technology integration and OR data synchronisation had further added strain.
In our forthcoming Feb 2014 edition, Healthcare Radius will have special focus on current design and technology trends that are shaping the future OR in Indian hospitals. We promise our readers to get an insight into the most vital aspect OR planning, design and optimal utilisation of the OR resource center.

Aligning with specialist in the area we will touch upon very crucial OR management topics that will surely entice our readers and derive value content. We will have special editorial emphasis on the following topics:-
The OR Design – From Blue print to Construction
• Need today for state-of-the-art, flexible Hybrid Operating Room
• Data capture and analysis [creating efficient IT framework for OR function]
• Thoughtful integration of Technology
• Measuring Outcomes – Evidence based
• Intelligent Devices – Robotic/Tele Surgery, Realtime guided OR Imaging, Endoscopic and Endovascular Surgical Suites, Focussed Radiation (HIFU & Gamma Knife), Advanced OT Table motion and
mechanics, OT Pendants & Lighting, Anesthesia workstations etc.
• Patient Safety and Comfort
• Workflow process improvement & Financial efficiency etc – Making OR a profit centre

As we witness a paradigm shift in the evolution of OR environments, there is still much to do. Our editorial initiative through this OR special is to present the daily OR realities, case models and developing technologies that will likely change the OR environment of the future in our country. We extend you our warm invitation to be associated with our forthcoming Healthcare Radius OR Special.

Deadline: 18th Jan 2014

Looking forward to your favourable participation.

For more information contact:

Tushar Kanchan
Business-Head – India
Healthcare Radius Magazine
ITP Publishing India Pvt Ltd
Address: Notan Plaza, 3rd Floor
898, Turner Road,
Bandra- West
Mumbai- 400050
Tel:+022- 61546019
GSM:+98214 59592
Web: http://www.itp.com

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