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Paramount Surgimed Ltd. introduces OrthoSleep

Paramount Surgimed Ltd., the leader in Healthcare & Medical Disposables introduces the OrthoSleep range of lifestyle pillows and cushions for more restful nights. Changing the way you sleep will change the way you feel when you wake up.
OrthoSleep_ParamountThe OrthoSleep contours the shape of your head and neck, and helps keep your spine in a neutral position through the night. Highly recommended for those who need a more therapeutic sleep posture. The OrthoSleep is an open cell viscous-elastic, temperature sensitive material that conforms to the exact contours of our body, providing optimum support and comfort.

The OrthoSleep provides you with ultimate comfort and relaxation from head and toe. It can be used at home, office or during travel. The OrthoSleep helps eliminate stress and fatigue anywhere anytime. For the hygiene conscious user, the soft cover is naturally hypo-allergenic and washable. Both sides of the OrthoSleep can be used according to individual preference. Higher density OrthoSleep supports your head better, takes more time to bounce back and doesn’t push back when sleeping. No reverse pressure means more comfort.

The OrthoSleep by Paramount Surgimed Ltd. is readily available across the country through the extensive distributor/dealer network of the Company. The OrthoSleep are available in cream & blue color and in all sizes. The price range is Rs 1,900/- to Rs 5,900/-

For more information click here

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