Barco continues to impact clinical outcomes with new color display for general radiology and mammography

Barco continues to impact clinical outcomes with new color display for general radiology and mammography

Healthcare imaging specialist Barco introduces a new diagnostic color display with a 5.8 megapixel resolution, making it suitable for general radiology as well as breast imaging, including breast tomosynthesis. It comes with Barco’s unique color calibration technology for consistent images, whether in color or in grayscale, to ensure the accuracy of the display and to support confident diagnostic decisions.

• High-resolution color display cleared for mammography
• With smart workflow tools
• Unique color calibration


The future is in color

Many radiologists will order supplementary imaging exams to see additional detail and get a more holistic view of a patient’s condition. It’s why color imaging is more and more important and why the consistency of color images matters.

A display designed to improve breast imaging

That’s why Barco introduced the Nio Color 5MP. It has been designed especially for demanding radiology applications that require excellent grayscale rendition and detail, especially appreciated in mammography and breast tomosynthesis. In addition, it includes sophisticated calibrated color that also improves gray images, a feature previously only available on Barco’s groundbreaking Coronis Uniti® display system.

No detail unnoticed

With its 5.8 megapixel resolution, the new Nio offers more pixels than traditional mammography displays, so you can see more of the image. Its aspect ratio is a perfect fit for tall X-ray images – especially for the MLO view in mammography – resulting in less panning and zooming for a better reading experience. It also comes with Barco’s SpotViewTM technology to get a closer look at a particular region of interest.

Steady colors and grays

Just like the DICOM standard ensures consistent grayscales across displays, color images need additional monitoring, correction and calibration too in order to render them in a meaningful way. That’s why Barco developed its SteadyColor™ technology. It ensures consistency in color, from display to display, so radiologists can make a diagnosis based on reliable images.

Barco’s renowned sensor technology combined with MediCal QAWeb for automated calibration and Quality Assurance, makes sure every image is displayed to perfection in a highly regulated environment. With MediCal QAWeb, compliance with MQSA and QA guidelines is effortless.

Smart, operationally and financially

Like most of Barco’s medical displays, Nio Color 5MP comes with a set of tools to help radiologists work smarter, not harder. These include features for dimming of auxiliary displays, enhancing visualization of details, and personalizing display settings, such as Clearbase or BlueBase, switchable on the same display, even per radiologist.

Enabling visualization of both general radiology and mammography images, Nio Color 5MP eliminates the need for separate workstations. This leads to reductions in display cost, real estate, and the operational expenditure required to maintain an enterprise-wide display fleet.

Navya Network- online expert opinion service for cancer patients

Navya Expert Opinion Service ushers in a revolutionary approach in cancer care by empowering patients with critical information within 24 hours. This enables families make informed decisions with adequate inputs from oncologists at Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid (including cancer centers like AIIMS, Kidwai, Max Hospital, etc.). This service, available at, allows patients to upload their medical test reports and obtain a response from world-renowned experts within 24 hours, saving precious time that is often spent in travel and getting doctor appointments.

Balancing the need to act quickly while ensuring that the decision is made with all relevant expert inputs is when Navya’s Online Expert Opinion Service becomes a powerful ally. The quick turnaround is owed to the expert decision system that uses clinical informatics, predictive analytics and machine learning to recommend evidence and experience-based expert treatment decisions, similar to decisions made by expert tumor boards. The system has been validated in clinical trials at TMC and the University of CaliforniaOlive View Medical Centre, showing 98 percent agreement between the system’s decisions and the tumor boards’ decisions. These results have been published at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

While diagnosing the presence of cancer is a standard process, treatment is highly specialized and the number of experts capable of managing complex cases is few. Many types of cancers are curable or can be managed for several years if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Choosing the right therapy can be the difference between the best possible outcome and failed treatment.

Gitika Srivastava, Founder of Navya, says: “Most people who have had any experience with cancer are aware that given time and logistical constraints, it is not always feasible to go to tertiary care centers in metropolitan cities at each treatment decision point. Given the importance of treatment decisions in yielding the best possible outcomes, we would urge everyone to get an expert opinion through TMC NCG Online.

By working with Navya, patients can receive the best possible treatment opinion, which includes the therapy most suited (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy) as well as dosage, duration, side effects and other details pertinent to the treatment. The detailed report, that answers all questions, asked by the patient in language that is simple to understand, can then be shared with the local oncologist to proceed with the treatment locally.

We understand the anxiety in knowing what to do as quickly as possible, and hence have strived to ensure that we facilitate the opinion from the experts within 24 hours of getting all necessary medical reports. When deciding on treatment, you and your oncologist can be assured that the opinion rests on the experience of world renowned cancer experts and follows evidence-based protocols best suited to your specific case,” Gitika added.

The Times Group partners with World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC) to launch Asia Medical Tourism Congress India 


The Times Group and World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC) partner to launch Asia Medical Tourism Congress India (AMTCI)

 To be held on 7th & 8th March, 2017, the AMTC will showcase the best of the healthcare and medical tourism industry in Asia

With Asia becoming a global hub for medical tourism, key stakeholders from across the healthcare services and medical tourism industry will come together at the Asia Medical Tourism Congress India (AMCTI). A platform created by The Times Group in partnership with World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC), the world leader in medical tourism conferences, AMCTI is an event cum exhibition envisioned to be the largest congregation of the Medical Tourism industry in India.

The AMTCI, scheduled to take place in Noida on 7th and 8th March, will witness the participation of leading public and private healthcare entities, directors of healthcare institutions, hospitals and doctors from the Europe, SAARC region, Africa and more. India ranks among the leading medical tourism destinations in Asia, mainly due to the low cost of treatment, high quality of healthcare infrastructure and the widespread availability of highly-skilled doctors. Rising healthcare costs in developed countries and an increase in the numbers of the uninsured has also driven the expansion of the medical tourism industry, with the industry projected to grow at 25% annually.

AMTCI is a 2-day show offering a platform for discussions around trends and opportunities presented by Medical Tourism to position India as a leading wellness travel destination. AMTCI will open up multiple business opportunities in the medical tourism sector in India.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Deepak Lamba, President, Times Strategic Solutions Limited stated, “With India poised to play a bigger role in the global health tourism segment, we look forward to working alongside the World Medical Tourism Association, by launching AMTCI to service this sector in a holistic manner. AMTCI would impact the global medical ecosystem as it is set to see participation from over 30 countries.”

Commenting on the AMTCI, Mr. Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of Medical Tourism Association, This event will continue to help raise India’s brand and awareness in medical tourism.   The MTA is bringing in buyers from around the world to network with the top leading Indian and Asian hospitals.       The World Medical Tourism Congress will give a great impetus to this growth as healthcare institutions, state governments, investors from around the world and corporates come together to explore business opportunities.  Medical Tourism not only impacts the healthcare markets, but lifts up the countries entire economy and infrastructure.”

With participation by 50 + international speakers, 4 + conference tracks, up to 150 hosted qualified VIP buyers from international markets, 1000 + delegates and 100 + exhibitors displaying a wide variety of products, AMTCI has all the ingredients needed to give the medical tourism ecosystem a shot in the arm.


About TSSL:

Times Strategic Solutions Ltd. is an initiative founded under The Times Group to empower multiple industries and segments by sharing critical business knowledge through strategic conferences and summits. Encompassing the Indian business vista, TSSL strives to bring together visionaries and key leaders on its knowledge platforms to create social and business ecology conducive to the positive changes required by the industry. The main aim of this initiative is to channel global business intelligence through summits and conferences in overarching lectures, hands-on workshops, panels, round-tables and case studies.


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Healthcare Times YouTube Channel for Hospitals


Healthcare Times YouTube Channel

The only dedicated Healthcare YouTube Channel promoting the best Hospital brands in India

In Association with

Identity Space – Healthcare Media Agency &

Healthcare Radius, leading B2B healthcare magazine


About:  Healthcare Times is an upcoming YouTube channel featuring leading Indian hospital brands and clinics offering wide choices of treatments for individuals seeking medical help. Healthcare Times You Tube channel promotes India as a top medical destination for domestic and international patient in particular. The channel broadcasts eminent leaders in healthcare, their future vision and growth plans, How modern technology is transforming medical treatment in India, Latest trends in healthcare and wellness, Presenting breakthrough medical cases successfully executed  by skilled Indian doctors and much more

Partner:  Content brought in collaboration with Healthcare Radius, India’s leading premier B2B healthcare media by ITP Publishing India

Target audience: Healthcare professionals, Patients [domestics & international], Medical Operators, Facilitators, Health bodies, Accreditation Agencies, Embassies, Insurance Companies, Corporates, Education Institute, Medical Colleges

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Video length & Hosting duration: Video length – 15-20 mins , Hosting duration timeline is sole discretion of Healthcare Times

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Medical Tourism India Handbook 2017- 2nd Edition


The India’s medical tourism market is expected to more than double in size from USD 3 billion at present to around USD 8 billion by 2020, a report says.

For 80% Medical Tourist cost is a major driver and our closest neighbors are not behind in offering this competitiveness. Though India is capitalizing  on it strengths  but we are also challenged  by our neighbors We have  best accredited facilities and top class doctors tackling the most complicated cases with utmost success rate. Today Africa, GCC and CIS regions (whose current share is just 30 per cent) present the maximum possible opportunity for the Indian healthcare sector. Medical tourists from these sectors currently favour the South East Asian medical corridors.

Reflecting the pulse of the vibrant industry, Healthcare Radius is bringing out the second edition of the medical tourism handbook- an over 100-page reference guide to the world of medical tourism. Releasing in April 2017, the 2nd edition promises to cover topics that will showcase Indian Hospitals as front runners in international medical tourism sector. Please read below

Contents of Handbook:

  • International healthcare buyers: How to find them
  • International – Building strategic relationship will emerging patient destinations
  • Sustainability in Medical Tourism
  • Spotlight on Maharashtra as emerging Medical Tourism destination
  • Hospitality in Medical  Tourism
  • AYUSH – Capitalizing the Potential in Medical Tourism
  • Medcase –Star doctors and path breaking medical feats in treating international patients
  • Lead conversions through global patient management services
  • Importance of accreditation in Medical Tourism
  • Mission driven strategies by hospitals in driving patient nos
  • Advanced Medical Technology and its impact on Medical Tourism – Radiology, CyberKnife, Stem Cell Treatment, Diagnostics etc

Target readership & Circulation: [Domestic + International]

4000 copies will be printed and circulated to targeted readers in India, these include Medical Tour operators, Facilitating companies, Insurance companies, Assistance companies, Foreign Embassies in India, Authoritative healthcare bodies and agencies in India, Tourism and Health Ministry etc. This year we are enhancing international readership, MTIH will be digitised and reach international operators, International Physicians in Africa, GCC , CIS and SAARC regions. Specials mailers will be designed to promote the handbook at international level

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Medical Tourism Event Special Feature in Healthcare Radius, March 2017



India is fast emerging as the top medical tourism destination and is globally recognised for quality medical care, excellent services and competitive pricing. Our holistic medicine synergies are MT’s biggest attractions in India. Our Indian healthcare brand is synonymous with “safety trust and excellence”. Thus it is clear that the opportunities and challenges for growth in the health sector are lurking and our industry needs to collective address issue that plagues MT growth.

I am pleased to bring to your kind attention that in March 2017 our industry will be witnessing 2 prominent medical tourism exhibition collectively bringing together the best hospital brands and eminent personalities on single networking and discussion platform. Healthcare Radius announces it collaboration with World Medical Tourism Congress 2017 & International Healthcare Tourism Congress 2017 as media partners

ABOUT WMTC 2017 & IHTC 2017

1] World Medical Tourism Congress India 2017 is being held on 7th -8th March 2017 in New Delhi.
The World Medical Tourism Congress India sees the entry of the largest medical tourism event organizer in the world – WMTC into the Indian market in partnership with The Times Group India’s leading media group. The objective is to further leverage on India’s capabilities in the medical sector backed by a strong value proposition. This would help pole vault India ranked currently 5th in the Global Medical Tourism market and establish it as a hub for medical tourism. Event will provide an international dimension to the MT trade with renowned international speakers propagating modern trends and presenting global opportunities in the sector. An international hosted buyer program presents business prospects from across borders.

2] International Healthcare Tourism Congress 2017 being held in Bangalore from 3rd -4th March 2017
IHTC is the most comprehensive international healthcare conference and tradeshow in the industry. The event will offer an opportunity to interact with leaders in medical tourism industry, both from local and global partnerships. This will be a platform for Pharma company’s, hospitals, Medical Tourism Agents, Insurance Companies, Medical Technology Manufactures, Wellness and hospitality Industry and healthcare investors to meet & associate. There is a special hosted buyer program announced for Medical Tourism Agencies (MTA) which will provide a pre-set number of discounts for registrations, complimentary registrations, local hospitality and travel allowance to selected companies, government employees, insurance agents and other qualified buyers as benefits for Medical tourism facilitators.

Healthcare Radius plan to publish a exclusive medical tourism special feature in its March ’17 edition with special coverage to these 2 events and provide updates on new trends prevailing in international circuits. This features also provides an opportunity for Indian hospital to display their positioning in a global environment via our publication.
Health Radius magazine ensures to be circulated at these event along with a special digital promotion of the magazine to international audience that matters. We invite your participation in this high impact feature.


Booking Deadline : 10th Feb 2017 | Ad Submission deadline: 15th Feb 2017

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