Apollo & RMS REGROW bring innovative cell therapy treatment


From Left to Right – Dr Charul Bhanji (Chief Technical Director, Regrow), Mr. Satyen Sanghavi (Chief Scientific Officer, Regrow), Dr. Pratap C Reddy( Chairman, Apollo Hospitals), Ms. Sangita Reddy (Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals), Mr. Yash Sanghavi (CEO, Regrow) & Dr. Hariprasad, Group CEO, Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest and most trusted healthcare group, has partnered with RMS REGROW, the first ‘Make in India’ Company in Cell Therapy Technology, to offer two new Regenerative Medicine Cell Therapy products- Ossron™ and Chondron® for bone and cartilage problems, respectively. The two products will address unmet clinical needs in the orthopaedic market with respect to sports injuries, accidents and alternate to hip replacements and knee replacements for a young arthritic knee. In an exclusive tie up between Apollo Hospitals and RMS Regrow, the treatment therapy will be made available across all Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Spectra Hospitals and Apollo clinics in India.

Ossron™ and Chondron® are the results of a dedicated research team at REGROW. The two products are innovative proprietary and patented technology which has been developed for both the products following the regulatory guidelines. Through several clinical trials and evaluation studies over 8 years, the company has achieved the market authorization for the two cell therapy products.

From Left to Right – Mr. Satyen Sanghavi (Chief Scientific Officer, Regrow), Dr. Pratap C Reddy( Chairman, Apollo Hospitals), Mr. Yash Sanghavi (CEO, Regrow) & Ms. Sangita Reddy (Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals)

As an exclusive offering, Apollo Hospitals will create a platform for orthopaedic doctors to practice Regenerative Medicine efficiently by conducting live surgical workshops, CME’s for doctors and conferences (national and international).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Prathap C Reddy, Founder-Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, said: “Bringing innovation in healthcare and addressing the unmet medical needs of India has been the foremost aim of the Apollo Group. In our quest to do so, we also want to encourage research and innovation within India for the people of India. Our association with RMS Regrow is a step to inspire talent in India to further the advancement in developing innovative healthcare treatments to reduce the growing disease burden in India.”

Commenting on the launch Mr Yash Sanghavi, Founder and CEO of RMS REGROW, “It has taken 8 years of dedicated effort and innovative research to develop the two revolutionary products that will change the modalities for bone and cartilage treatment in India. Since last 70 years, only a handful of  New Chemical Entities (NCE) have been developed in India, which demonstrates a dearth of innovator drugs and new medical technologies to address a large market of bone and joint disorders. In India, more than 15 lakh orthopaedic procedures are performed each year and Regenerative Cell Therapy is a revolutionary treatment methodology which has immense potential to liberate consumers from Joint pain.”

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  1. I am intertested to know whether this Stem Cell therapy will help a patient,who underwnt knee replacement,then two revision surgeries,but no use.This lady patient now in a wheel chair for the last 7 yrs.Shall be pleased to have your comments. retreat2003@yahoo.com


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