About us

Healthcare Radius (English)

Launched in September 2012 by ITP Business India, Healthcare Radius is a monthly publication for Indian healthcare professionals. We highlight best business practices, analyse key trends and outline business moves and drifts of healthcare majors across the country. We are the industry’s platform for debate and its guide to the latest and most promising trends in planning, strategy, technology and management practices.


Bibhor Srivastava | Publishing director
M: +91 9323252340 | M: +91 98204 39239
E-mail: bibhor@itp.com

Tushar Kanchan | National business head
T: +91 22 6154 6019 | M: +91 98214 59592
E-mail: tushar.kanchan@itp.com

Shafquat Ali | Group editor
T: +91 22 6154 6038 | M: +91 97692 03153
E-mail: shafquat.ali@itp.com

Rita Dutta | Executive editor
M: +91 99805 88199
E-mail: rita.dutta@itp.com



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