WATCH YOUR HEALTH offers lifestyle management services

Watch Your Health, a new-age InsureTech innovator, has empowered health insurers to take a Gen-Next leap in customer engagement while providing holistic online and offline wellness services to health insurance policy holders. Watch Your Health has successfully developed customised ProActiv living portal and ProActiv mobile applications that help Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company’s policy holders to take assessment of their health; enroll in lifestyle management; and monitor progress. The policy holders who enrolled in the lifestyle management programme receive counseling and guidance from healthcare professionals and rewards up to 10%-to-20% of premium.

Watch Your Health’s best-in-class mobility solutions provide health insurance policy holders with an app for lifestyle tracking along with professionally qualified health coaches who guide and mentor policy holders on various relevant topics such as Weight Management Programs, Sleep Monitoring, Water Intake Reminders and Quit Addiction programmes amongst others. The programme fosters customer connect, ease of use of the services, and understanding of user behavior even as insurance customer have started being more vigilant about their health.

Ratheesh Nair, Founder and CEO, Watch Your Health.Com India Pvt. Ltd., said, “The future of insurance is customer engagement! Our technological innovations and ultra-customised tools enabled and empowered Cigna TTK Health Insurance to enhance customer experience in a fast-evolving digital age. By delivering great value-adds and deploying Health Coaches who act as friends-n-guides, we, at Watch Your Health, advocate health as a culture amongst policyholders.”

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