HealthSignz raises USD 5 million

HealthSignz, a Bengaluru-Hyderabad based healthtech startup, founded by a team of four Industry veterans Hanumantha Rao (Hanu), Dr Vinod P Nair, Dr Ram Papa Rao and Surendranath, has  announced, their USD 5 million funding led by Dr Kantilal Patel, founder of Nirvana Health Group – New Zealand’s largest primary healthcare group. Intended as a mobile health solution, HealthSignz is an AI driven healthcare platform built for every individual, to be their trusted personal health companion from the “cradle to grave”. Their proprietary Health Intelligence Engine (HIE) uses medical heuristic and deductive medical intelligence with AI & Machine Learning to enhance healthcare at all operational levels enabling an inclusive healthcare ecosystem.

HealthSignz’s ability to tap into the specific needs of all healthcare stakeholders in the gamut- Hospitals, Pharma, Diagnostics, Wellness, Healthcare devices & essentials distinguishes it from other healthtech players in the ecosystem. The medical intelligence coupled with HealthSignz’s Clinical Decision Support technologies enables the ‘Shift Left’ method of treatment to increase the reach of real-time and efficient medical care to more users.  HealthSignz’s mobile-centric platform provides the most seamless consumer onboarding. For the first time, A digital Health platform which will assist every Health provider in the gamut  to adopt and start the Digital health journey to serve their consumers more efficiently and well beyond their physical setups.

“We see tremendous market opportunity in healthtech. Accessibility and affordability to basic healthcare treatment continues to be a challenge. With exponential rise in mobile usage the market is ripe for us to reach healthcare solutions to remote corners across India.  Currently while there are a plethora of health-tech players, the ecosystem lacks one All-Inclusive open-ended healthcare solution that can be customized and implemented across heterogeneous environments and break the silos the healthcare stakeholders currently find themselves in. We see HealthSignz delivering great value for capital intensive tertiary care centre to stand alone practicing providers, transforming scalable and effective healthcare care delivery, enabling digital and mobile care for treating illness, and enhancing overall wellness though disease prevention,” said Hanu CEO and Co-Founder, HealthSignz.

“With increasing population and healthcare needs, we see a huge potential for AI solutions to restructure how medical care is delivered,” said Dr. Kantilal Patel, Founder of Nirvana Health Group. “As an asset-light venture with investments focused on where highest returns can get generated, HealthSignz digital platform creates a unified connect between every consumer and multiple facets of the healthcare ecosystem enabling scalability, geo-spread and efficient medical delivery to all. We are excited to partner with the HealthSignz team and help drive the technology into other markets,” added Dr.Kanti Patel.

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