First of its kind Digital Mammography Equipment in Karnataka

 Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting Indian women and early diagnosis of the disease is imperative for better survival rate. Bearing this important thought in mind Trivitron Healthcare in association with Bangalore Baptist Hospital have introduced the 3D Tomosynthesis and Stereotactic guided Vacuum assisted Biopsy system which will be the most advanced digital mammography equipment in Karnataka. 3D Tomosynthesis is an advanced technology which takes less than 4 seconds to scan any abnormality in the breast. Studies have shown that the chances for successful treatment are nearly 100 per cent if breast cancer is detected early. 3D Tomosynthesis removes overlapping, increases lesion visibility, helps to localize structures, reduces repeat studies, helps to detect cancer and improves the quality of patient care with painless mammogram procedures. The accuracy of breast cancer detection through the usage of 3D Tomosynthesis has been incrementally high at 40 percent better detection when compared to 2D mammogram.

Addressing his thoughts about the innovation, Dr Naveen Thomas Director, Baptist Hospital said, Bangalore Baptist Hospital is committed to fight breast cancer with world-class technologies and we now have the first of its kind advanced digital mammography equipment in Karnataka with 3D Tomosynthesis technology and stereotactic guided vacuum assisted biopsy. The advanced 3D Tomosynthesis technology removes the overlapping structures and increases the lesion visibility allowing the clinicians to pick up cancer at a very early stage.  The stereotactic guided vacuum assisted biopsy system helps in localizing and removing the lesion completely resulting in therapeutic treatment as well. The entire procedure is painless and improves the overall patient care. We now have a world-class comprehensive breast care centre in Bangalore that will benefit the people of Karnataka.’

M Brahadeesh, President – Imaging, Trivitron Healthcare, said, ‘Trivitron is committed to reduce the breast cancer deaths in India by improving mammography penetration in both urban and rural locations. Selenia Dimensions with 3D Tomosynthesis which is installed at Baptist Hospital, Bangalore is the most advanced 3D Digital Mammography equipment available in Karnataka as of now. The time taken for a Tomosynthesis scan will be less than 4 Seconds. We are proud to be associated with Baptist Hospital and are certain that this advanced mammography technology will save many lives in the coming years.’

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