Apollo Hospitals’ Cancer Awareness ‘Walkathon’ garners huge response

500 Women gather for a Cancer Awareness initiative 

On 4th Feb, in recognition of the World Cancer Day Apollo Hospitals hosted its first Cancer Awareness Walk at (JUHU) in Mumbai. This initiative was undertaken to create awareness on early screening for cancer detection. Around 500 women including homemakers, working professionals, students across Mumbai participated in the walkathon.

 India has high mortality rate for cancer patients. It’s a known fact that majority of cancer cases are detected at later stages and this is largely due to lack of awareness on early cancer screening. With increase in the incidences of cancer associated with women’s health, the walk focused on generating awareness among women to adopt early detection of cancer for better treatment.

 Dr Shashir Shetty, Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai present at the event commented, “Early screening helps in early detection. Educating people about the disease is one part, the other and the most critical part is for women to go and actively get themselves screened for cancer. Early detection and early treatment leads to superior clinical outcomes and better quality of life. It is encouraging to see so many women have come forward to participate in cancer awareness initiative by Apollo Hospitals”.




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