A unique onco set-up: HCG Apex Cancer Centre

The aesthetically done cafeteria is situated at the lobby level.

All you wanted to know about HCG Apex Cancer Centre, Mumbai

By Team HR,

Dinesh Madhavan,Director- healthcare services, HCG Enterprises

The HCG Apex Cancer Centre is a state-of-the-art cancer centre located at Borivali in Mumbai. The 119-bed hospital, spread over 1, 00,000 square feet, recently had its soft launch done.  The Greenfield project comes with advanced linear accelerator, PET CT, state-of-the-art operation theatre and others.

The vision behind HCG Apex Cancer Centre was to establish the first private comprehensive cancer hospital in Mumbai with advanced technology, patient-friendly premises and world class facilities under one roof and the same was conveyed to the architect. Says Dinesh Madhavan,  director- healthcare services – HCG Enterprises, “The architectural brief was explained to the principle architect who took over the task to deliver a comprehensive facility that is highly resource efficient and maintains gold standard when it comes to guidelines prescribed for green building.”

The mammography unit of the hospital.

Says Anil Patil, architect, Anil R Patil Consultants Pvt Ltd, “The plot layout is triangular in shape. And given the design of the building with glass facade from all sides, it gives a different look with the frontal being narrow and broadening towards the other side.”

The building has been designed for maximum utilisation of floor space.  Openable glass has been used in various parts of the building for aesthetic purpose. The building is future-ready to accommodate four additional floors, making room for additional 80 beds.

The soft launch for the project was done in May, this year.

The flooring for the project has been kept simple. “Our core areas have vinyl flooring for premium demarcations whereas all the other areas have quality tile floorings,” says Patil. A dash of colour has been used to lend vibrancy.  Pastel colour has been used to increase brightness of the interiors and glass to optimise space and create visually enhanced indoors. The colour theme in the facility is of pastel shade which is uniform throughout the facility and some key areas have walls with vinyl. And extensive landscaping has been done around the freeway in the facility.

Name of the project: HCG Apex Cancer Centre
Promoted by: Apex HCG Oncology Hospitals LLP
Cost of the project: Rs 200 crore
Total bed strength: 119
Operational bed strength: 119
Duration of the project: 4 years
Date of commissioning of the project: Soft launch done in May 18, 2017.
In built area: 1, 00,000 square feet
False ceiling/roofing : By RY Group
Use of drywalls: By RY Group
Paints with name of vendor: Godaveri / Asian Paints
Architect: Anil Patil
Interior designer: Hospihealth Consultant Pvt Ltd
Contractor: AM Construction
RCC Consultant: Acent
Electrical Consultant: AR Consultant (Hospihealth)
Vendor(s) for HVAC system: Fairair Engineering Pvt Ltd
Vendor(s) for sanitary fittings: Bell/ Jaguar
Vendor(s) for furniture: Arjun Malan Interior Pvt Ltd

For the purpose of safety, the hospital has left six metre wide open space on two sides of the triangular shape land not facing the road. This is for the movement of fire engine in case of emergency. There are two staircases of two metre wide inside the facility.

A glimpse of a private room at the facility.

Design of various areas

Lobby:  “The lobby is located in the northern side with ample space and welcome area, with the soothing surrounding being offered to the patients walking in,” says Patil.

OPD waiting area:  The OPD waiting area is a centralised place with easy access to multiple service areas like diagnostic, PET-CT,  consultation rooms, IP pharmacy, preventive oncology, phlebotomy, registration, help desk and billing counter.

Diagnostic wing: A full-fledged diagnostic wing is adjacent to the OPD to facilitate scan/X-Ray/mammography /sonography.

The facility comes with a daycare oncology set-up.

Consultation room: Located in the northern side, the consultation rooms come with ample lighting to relax patients and their relatives.

Types of rooms: The types of rooms are day care oncology, general ward (male and female), semi-private room, deluxe room and suite room.

Paediatric ward:  Facility is adequately equipped with all technology and support for paediatric patient with paediatric extensions in medical equipment.

Anil Patil, Architect, Anil R Patil Consultants Pvt Ltd

OTs: All OTs are modular with four major and one minor and technically designed as per the NABH guidelines.

Cafeteria: It is situated at the lobby level for patient attendants and patients with full-fledged support of dietics department offering healthy variety of menu.


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