Editors Note – An ode to friendship

To scout for a time-tested professional partnership in the ruthless corporate world is like finding a needle in a haystack.  An underlying sense of envy and distrust often wrecks several professional friendships. But one association that has withstood the vicissitudes of professional life is one between Vishal Bali and Dr Lloyd Nazareth.  When they collaborated in Wockhradt Hospitals, they created an organisation that was founded on robust ethical values and bragged of professional work ethos other organisations wanted to emulate.

The duo works as a team, complementing each other’s skills and neither trespassing into the other’s domain. While Vishal is known for clairvoyance and brand positioning, Dr Lloyd stands for meticulous planning and execution and reining in cost. It is endearing to see how they heap praise on each other and are equally protective about the other.  The friendship is defined by an enormous amount of mutual trust and respect for each other’s capabilities. Close associates share that Dr Lloyd is like a sounding board for Vishal.

Now the twosome has reunited for Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI), whereby Bali represents TPG Growth as senior advisor for the healthcare arm and Dr Lloyd as CEO of CTSI. It is just over a year that TPG Growth announced an acquisition of 65% stake in for $33 million (Rs 220 crore) in CTSI and the brand has shown phenomenal growth for all its three brand entities- American Oncology Institute, Citizens Hospital and AmPath. Read about the strategic thrust that CTSI has been given and its plans for south-east Asia in our cover story. And here is hoping that the industry churns out many such enduring friendships!


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