A healing environment

Bright colours with cool tones have been used to create a soothing and relaxed ambience

By Rita Dutta


Columbia Asia Hospital at Sarjapur Road in Bengaluru is a state-of-the-art upcoming 206-bed hospital which is aimed at providing premium quality of tertiary healthcare services in India. The objective was to create an environment which would enhance the healing process of patients, have clutter free zones and maintain international standards of healthcare.

The architects for this project, Kgd-Architecture, developed its interior concept focusing on ‘healing’, imbibing the calming effect of neutral soothing colours and minimalistic approach to the elements used. Extensive use of blues and white is done, reflecting the brand colours of Columbia Asia

Says Sudheera Mure, principal architect-senior associate,  Kgd-architecture, “Bright colours with cool tones have been used in the interior spaces to give the patient a soothing and relaxed ambience. The interior includes spaces with modern lounge areas, and vibrant tones to give the space a more attractive feel.”

The guideline for the project was to ensure smooth movement for patients. Understanding  the various movements and process flows with the hospital and adjacencies, the hospital has been planned to facilitate hassle free and smooth patient movement within the areas of the hospital enhancing patient comfort.

Also, optimum utilisation of sunlight has been emphasised on.  The in-patient rooms in the hospital have been oriented to ensure that every in-patient room gets sufficient sunlight. The space planning has been done with the concept of segregation of in- patient and out-patient areas at various floor levels.

Says Satyendar Khurana, senior VP-projects and development, Columbia Asia, “The ambience has been planned to support patient care. It has a calm, healing environment that is patient-friendly, designed to a human scale and gives the users a confident experience. Spaces have been created which are durable and easily maintained and appropriate materials palette has been selected.”

What were the challenges to execute the project?  Due to constraints on the site area, the building had to be designed as a vertical building in order to accommodate all the clinical requirements of a tertiary care hospital. This was a major challenge with respect to achieving space efficiencies and adjacencies. The use of technology like pneumatic tube systems, access control and CCTV systems along appropriate positioning of sufficient number of elevators have helped to mitigate this challenge. “Timely inputs from the hospital operations and clinical team in working out the patient flow and advising on the vertical stacking of the spaces helped substantially resolve the impediments and arrive at appropriate solutions, thereby mitigating the challenge,” says Khurana.


Design of various areas

The vibrant lobby

The double height entrance lobby to the facility is created with various soothing textures in whites and blues, making the space very welcoming to the visitors. Landscape elements have been aesthetically incorporated to further the concept of a healing garden. Also the lobby is equipped with modern facilities like a video wall displaying the brand and self registering kiosks to reduce bottle necks and long registration queues. A vibrant Deli counter and home-like lounge seating add to the ambience of the place and comfort of the visitors.

“People movement system in this area has been designed in such a way that is simple to understand and promotes a friendly ease of movement,” says Mure.

Clutter-free OPD waiting area

columbiaasia3The OPD waiting area on the first floor overlooks the entrance lobby and has a direct access from the main registration area. It carries the same language of the lobby in textures of blues and whites with the introduction of comfortable seating and vibrant carpet flooring which adds positivity to the space. “The centrally located waiting areas are surrounded by the patient consultation rooms which promotes efficiency of staff by reducing the travel distance between these two most frequently used spaces. The space is designed to be clutter free and special need friendly,” says Mure.

Minimalistic designed diagnostic wing 

The diagnostic wing has been located strategically at the ground floor, so that it is efficiently connected to the OPD area and lift lobbies. The space is designed to be clutter free and minimalistic, keeping in mind its functional aspects. “The rooms are very spacious with the ability to accommodate any advanced medical equipment for future expansion and are incorporated with designer graphic ceilings which adds character to the space,” explains Khurana.

Simple consultation rooms

The consultation rooms are designed to maintain absolute patient privacy and sanctity of the patient doctor confidentiality. The finishes of the consultation rooms are utilitarian and simple with basic whites and a splash of character is added by accent colour and assortment of artwork on the walls. They are designed to accommodate stretcher and wheelchair movement. Adequate amount of storage is provided to make the space clutter free.

Rooms with a viewcolumbiaasia2

The hospital offers four types of rooms: the VIP suites, singe bed ward, double bed ward and multi bed wards. All the patient rooms are designed with big windows to bring in ample daylight and also break the monotony with outside views. The ambience of the inpatient rooms are designed to give a homelike comfortable environment where the patient feels at ease and in turn enhances the healing process. “Use of vibrant colours and textures in the walls and floors gives the rooms a cheerful yet cozy ambience.  The artificial lighting is also designed in a way that it aims at replicating the feel of natural daylight,” says Khurana.

Project details

Name of the project: Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Limited, Sarjapur Road.

Promoted by: Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Limited.

Total bed strength: Around 206 beds.

Duration of the project: Around two years.

Date of commissioning of the project: End of 2017.

In built area: 2,60,000 square feet.

Land area: Approx 50000 square feet.

 Executive health check up zone

The executive health check up area is one of the most designer spaces of the facility. Equipped with rich  materials juxtaposed against the continuing theme of blues and whites with blend of green makes this space look very elegant. Designer carpet flooring adds to the rich ambience of this place which caters to an exclusive crowd among the facility users.

“Soft, comfortable furniture makes the space ambient and cozy. And diverse seating has been proposed in order to ease the process of long stay,” says Mure.

The functional OT zone

There are six OTs designed to meet all functional needs and they have easy access to ICU and pre-post surgical/recovery units and also the cath lab units. They are spacious and utilitarian, meeting all medical standards and norms. Change rooms, circulation corridors are well thought of and therefore increases efficiency of the staff.

columbiaasia4 Cafeterias with outdoor seatings

The hospital has Deli counter at the ground floor, where major visitor traffic occurs and a full fledged cafeteria catering to the requirements of the patients, attendants, visitors and the hospital team. “The cafeteria has outdoor seating which gives it a very casual and relaxed ambience. Indoor café is nothing but an extension of the outdoor environment,” says Khurana.

The spaces are designed to be bright and cheerful which is very pleasing to the eye. The ceiling is done up with feature lights, making the space more appealing.

Kind of flooring used in different areas

Finishes were carefully selected for aesthetic value and durability. The selections include the use of neutrals in most areas with splashes of bright hues.

Hard flooring:

Bigger slabs of vitrified tiles have been proposed for all the public zones like reception, corridors, OPD zones and café. Therefore, various choices of shades and patterns  and ease of maintenance. Flexibility in replacement has been taken into consideration.


Waiting zones proposed with carpet add as contrast and bring soft touch to the space. Training room and all admin zones having a carpet takes care of acoustics and also adds vibrancy.


Homogeneous vinyl flooring has been used for all patient rooms and corridors. Neutral shade of base vinyl with controlled usage of accents make the space very appealing, fresh and energetic. Conductive flooring for OTs and sports floor for physiotherapy room has been proposed.



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