Philips unveils IntelliSafari in Ahmedabad

Philips India, a leading company in healthcare technology, unveiled IntelliSafari in Ahmedabad. Featuring a specially designed Mobile Van the IntelliSafari is an intensive awareness campaign through which Philips will reach out to hospitals, nursing homes and clinics in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India and familiarize them with the latest technological advancements in healthcare, available at a low cost.
Recognizing the need of healthcare solutions for patients in Gujarat, the program is designed to meet the customers across cities and visit them with Philips products and solutions. The special vehicle showcasing state-of-the-art technologies from Philips Healthcare, will travel across key cities in Gujarat for the next 30 days, before moving on to Rajasthan and other parts of India.

The mobile van is equipped with advanced cutting-edge products, designed to treat patients ranging from adults to neonates in ICU, CCU, as well as general wards and nursing care units. The wide range of display will showcase products such as-
· Intensive Care Unit – Patient monitors (various categories and acuity levels based up on every need of critical outcome and budget)
· Portable patient monitoring solutions
· Networking
· Cardiographs (ECG machines) – Portable and table top models with interpretation
· Fetal and maternal monitors
· Defibrillators and AED devices
· Portable Ventilator and BIPAP devices
Hospitals and clinics challenged by their environment, financial circumstances, or patient demographics can select healthcare solutions that meet Philip’s standards and are great value for money. The vehicle is an experiential area fitted with patient monitoring healthcare equipment.
Speaking at the flag off ceremony, Shankar, Seshadri, Senior Director and Business Head – Patient Care & Monitoring Solutions and Ultrasound, Philips India said, “Through the IntelliSafari drive, we want to assure people that advanced technological solutions need not always come at a cost. Healthcare products which are affordable, and having high-technology features and qualitative solutions are key to increasing access to healthcare in India and thereby saving lives.
As healthcare Solution providers, we are committed to making that happen by relentlessly working on new technology solutions.
IntelliSafari is a program that gives healthcare providers in non-metros like Ahmedabad, the opportunity to experience Philip’s advanced expertise and technological solutions, which brings quality healthcare closer to the masses. The expert demonstrators from Philips help doctors and clinicians to validate the usability of these technologies in a ‘real’ day-to-day hospital environment. IntelliSafari was launched by Philips India in July 2012 and reached several Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in North India in the initial phase. The goal of the program is to bring new life saving technologies closer to the masses at an affordable price.


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