Surana Group of Hospitals : Spreading Wings

Dr Prince Surana, director, Surana Group of Hospitals, speaks about the growth of the group.











How many hospitals do you run under the Surana Brand and what is each known for?
We have three super speciality hospitals and research centre and the fourth is underway. All our hospitals are in Mumbai. Surana Sethia Hospital and Research Centre, Chembur takes all kinds of patients, including cardio, orthopaediatic and organ transplant cases. Surana Hospital, Malad specialises in child and maternal care under its obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics departments. Surana Hospital, Thane is another fully-equipped, multi-disciplinary hospital, while MPCT Hospital, Navi Mumbai, established under a different trust is a 120-bed capacity hospital dealing in all disciplines, including oncology.

What are the three big health challenges that we face in India today?
Paucity of good healthcare infrastructure, woeful lack of disease awareness, preparedness and preemption and government apathy in upgrading the existing infrastructure.

What is your view on putting a price cap on a specialist’s fee? Even the Indian medical association had once proposed a price directory of doctors to make fee structure more transparent?
I don’t think it’s a practical proposal. It can only apply to tier II and III doctors, not super specialists, as there can be on price cap skill and experience.

How can health access be improved for all patient communities?
Yes, we found out in the course of a sample study that girl children with congenital heart diseases do not receive timely care. Even otherwise, we certainly need better diagnostics facilities in remote areas. Early diagnostics is the key to better health infrastructure.

You are running a number of government health schemes for the underprivileged. How many patients have benefitted from these schemes?
We have been running Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana(RGJAY) since 2012 and some 8,000 patients have benefitted from it. Our flagship programme, however, is ‘Keep It Beating’ for under privileged children with congenital heart disease, under which nearly 2,000 children in the whole of Maharashtra have benefitted, so far. The success of our programmes can be attributed to our medical team travelling into distant villages with portable diagnostic equipment, diagnosing the target population, bringing them to Mumbai, providing food and shelter and then treating them here.

Going forward what are your plans, especially for the new hospital?
There’s absolutely no plan needed, as I said doing the right things at the right time, as we have in the past, will see us through. The new hospital will focus on specialities as that has been forte of only bigger of hospitals making treatment cost prohibitive to masses. Oncology and organ transplant will be made affordable to in-line with health schemes promoted by our government.


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