Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals : A Pioneer in Eye Care

Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals has successfully conducted over 1,00,000 eye surgeries.

1. It has a network of 10 centres of excellence across North India.

Established in 1998, Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals is among the biggest quality eye care treatment providers in DelhiNCR. Driven by the quest to protect and prevent vision loss and blindness, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals have successfully conducted over 1,00,000 eye surgeries of people from all walks of life. Says Deepshikha Shukla, general manager, Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals, “Our chain of hospitals are dedicated, quality-driven, NABH accredited and modern surgical centers of excellence, catering to patients from all corners of the country and abroad.”

As pioneers in eye care, it understands the importance of offering world-class ophthalmic treatments internationally through collaborations. “As a leading group of eye hospital of international repute, we have a team of doctors and ophthalmologists from around the world who diligently treat various disorders of eyes and also train and assist fellow surgeons for the cause of eradication of needless blindness,” says Shukla.

Sharp Sight takes utmost pride in bringing the worldclass ‘Quality Ophthalmic Treatment’ facilities within the reach of the community. A mature and dedicated leadership, high work ethics, qualified, experienced and devoted consultants, NABH standards, quality and environment, world-class management systems have helped us increase ‘cure’ rates. “We offer the latest world-class technologies for eye care and ophthalmic treatments at very affordable cost. Our teams of ophthalmologists are handpicked from the finest institutes of India,” adds Shukla.

Sharp Sight has also started new innovations by way of tele-ophthalmology to provide access to senior and experienced consultants for patients even in remote areas and those deprived of quality eye care. “Our mission is to continuously change, manage and upgrade patient experience through quality processes, technology, centre facility through highly motivated and talented people,” says Shukla.

It has a network of 10 centres of excellence across North India. Sharp Sight firmly believes that quality eye care with affordability is a universal right to every human being. To implicate this vision into reality, Sharp Sight has established ophthalmic centres of excellence in Benin (Nigeria), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Yangon (Myanmar) and Harare (Zimbabwe). In addition to this, Sharp Sight regularly cater to international patients from Africa, the UAE, Europe, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Australia.

Sharp Sight also extends its services in providing education and training to fellow ophthalmologists from India and abroad. This is a voluntary organisation providing the same standard of curative, preventive and rehabilitative eye care to the needy in and around Delhi. “We have been generating employment facilities among youth in slum and rural areas,” says Shukla.

It is looking forward to collaborating so as to offer necessary support to eradicate blindness. Its aim is to provide world-class surgical results in countries where attaining good eye health is not reachable.

Deepshikha Shukla

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