Bone and Joint Clinic : Treatment for Bone and Joints

The range of bone and joints treatment done at Bone and Joint Clinic, Noida, ranges from a conservative treatment plan to an operative treatment.

Dr Sumit Badhwar

Dr Sumit Badhwar is one of the leading orthopaedic surgeons in India. He operates primarily from his clinics in National Capital Region (NCR), having practiced orthopaedics for more than a decade. Dr Badhwar specialises in joint replacement surgeries, stem cell therapies, poliotic surgeries, arthroscopies, fractures and paediatric orthopaedic treatments. The range of bone and joints treatment done by Dr Badhwar ranges from a conservative treatment plan to an operative treatment dependent on the various stages of osteoarthritis of the knee. An evidence-based medicine treatment is followed. Conservative treatment protocol is physiotherapy based and well researched and is latest on speciality.

Every physiotherapy treatment followed is after a rigorous audit of weighing the treatment’s pros and cons. Efficacy of the treatment is reflective of the treatment administered vis-a-vis stages of the disease. Once the diagnosis is complete, the efficacy of the treatment is nearly 100%. Dr Badhwar holds to his record for doing 300 joint replacements with a 100% success rate and 0% infection in any treated cases. Besides following a conservative or an operative approach to treatment, Dr Badhwar also chalks out a middle path such as stem cell therapy and mosaicplasty for arthritis in the younger age group of patients.
The middle path is especially useful for patients who cannot go for joint replacements due to co-morbid conditions and can opt for cell harvesting technology which effectively replaces their worn off cartilage. Dr Badhwar’s team comprises learned and experienced nurses along with a support staff who are aware of their carefully assigned duties and are instrumental in reducing the treatment time along with avoiding any or all complications. Dr Badhwar is especially careful in choosing his rehabilitation team and he always ensures that the team is delivering rehabilitation which in most cases is tailormade for the patient reflecting their lifestyle.

Along with having an effective team, Dr Badhwar’s has a gamut of infrastructure facilities ranging from OTs, ICUs and rooms which, needless to say, are best in the category and are strictly in adherence with the guidelines laid down by international hospital regulatory standards.

While getting a treatment from Dr Badhwar, the patient can be rest assured that they will be educated and made aware of the treatment at every stage. The patient awareness programme comprises 3d information formation, pre and post images of the treatment, video presentations, information booklets along with precise flyers.

Patients can reach Dr Badhwar at: Bone and Joint Clinic 
Noida B84A Sector 31, 
Noida Tel.: +91 99 586 11 221 +91 98 116 12 214 
Website : 
Email : 

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