Pearl Human Care Pvt. Ltd., a leading health care provider, entered into a license agreement with Henry Ford Health System, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan for the establishment of Naruvi Hospitals, a super specialty hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Under the arrangement, Henry Ford Health System will provide technology license, infuse a combination of clinical best practices and provide advanced digital technology. Pearl Human Care will be responsible for creating the infrastructure and managing the operations.

To be built with an investment of INR 330 crores, the 400-bed super specialty hospital is likely to commence operations in 2019. Upon commencement of the operations, the hospital will provide employment opportunities to about 300 medical professionals and 1000 support staff. Naruvi Hospitals will deploy cutting-edge technology and globally advanced medical protocols that will transform the patient experience in India. The technical licensing arrangement covers clinical specialty, equipment selection and procurement, patient flow, key case review mechanism, quality control and building design to name a few. The state-of-the-art hospital will be managed by a team of in-house medical experts and international consultants guided by Henry Ford Health System.

“We are proud to be a part of this initiative to bring Henry Ford’s approach of high quality patient experience in a cost-effective manner in India,” says Mr. Mark Coticchia, Chief Innovation Officer for Henry Ford Health System. Mr. Coticchia’s team managed the agreement through the international arm of Henry Ford Health System Innovations. “With the huge increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease, families need access to affordable, sustainable care more than ever. With our medical expertise and innovative technology, Henry Ford is well positioned to help Pearl Human Care meet that need.”

Mr. G.V. Sampath, Chairman and Managing Director of Pearl Human Care, says, “We are delighted at the opportunity to work with Henry Ford Health System in setting up a world-class health care facility at Vellore.”

 “I would like to thank the Government of Tamil Nadu which under the dynamic leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Dr. J. Jayalalithaa is dedicated to providing affordable healthcare to the people of the state and for creating a conducive atmosphere for welcoming initiatives such as ours”, he adds.

In its first phase, Naruvi Hospitals will have 250 beds, with plans to increase that number to 400. The hospital will provide primary care as well as advanced specialty care in such fields as cardiology and orthopedics.


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