American Oncology Institute performs rare and complex HIPEC surgery for Abdominal malignancy

A team of surgical and medical oncologists led by Dr. Srinivas Juluri, Chief of Surgical Oncology (Minimally Invasive Surgery) at American Oncology Institute, performs the advanced Cytoreductive surgery combined with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (CS/HIPEC), a complex procedure to treat advanced cancer on the large intestine on a patient from Kadapa. HIPEC could be the most effective therapy for select patients and could increase the survival rate manifold.

The 47-year-old female patient was suffering from an advanced cancer of the large intestine referred as peritoneal malignancy. After the surgery and HIPEC procedure, she is recovering fast and expected a longer survival than any other therapies available presently. Apart from Dr. Srinivas Juluri, Dr. Pavan Jadhav and Dr. Venu Gopal were part of the team that achieved this rare success.

Elaborating on the surgical procedure Dr. Srinivas Juluri said, “Cytoreductive surgery combined with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CS/HIPEC) is an advanced complex procedure which is proven to have significant benefit in terms of survival (40-50%), with acceptable morbidity and acceptable mortality for select patients with malignancy in the abdominal area and cases of recurrence. HIPEC is more effective in terms of treatment as the patient receives a two-way chemo therapy which is more focused and reaches out to the microscopic cells in the affected area.” He further explained “This surgery took us more than 12 hours, and we have cleared the affected areas. The patient is recovering fast and we are expecting a better result than any other conventional therapies.”

Mr. Nilesh Gupta, Facility Director at AOI said, “Precision Cancer care at American Oncology Institute is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts coupled with effective use of cutting edge technology. We maintain highest standards of cancer treatment by providing evidence based comprehensive care. Our doctors are adapting latest and ever changing advancements of oncology sciences to match the best of the global practices. HIPEC is one such procedure which, we are sure, will open new horizons in cancer treatment and bring new hopes in the lives of the patients and their families.”

HIPEC is a targeted treatment approach in which tumors that have spread through the lining of the abdomen are removed and then heated chemotherapy is perfused throughout the abdomen, with the intent of killing any remaining microscopic cancer cells that may be present after all visible disease has been has been surgically removed. Studies suggest that HIPEC has a potential to increase the single digit long term survival rates to 40-50% based on patient conditions. HIPEC is a futuristic approach to various malignancies like recurrent cases of ovarian cancer, colorectal cancers, rare forms of cancer in the abdomen area like PMP/ mesothelioma etc. The procedure usually takes 8-18 hours depending on the patient’s condition and helps in treating the malignancy in abdominal areas including those that have had failed standard chemotherapy and/or prior surgeries.

Along with the expertise of the doctors and the medical and surgical team, the success of this procedure is also dependent on the hi-tech machine Performer HT, imported from Italy. American Oncology Institute is the first and only hospital to have it in Hyderabad. This installation reinforces the institute’s commitment to use the best technology for precision cancer care.

This is the most advanced System for Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal and Intrapleural Perfusion as it controls the temperature in order to reproduce a suitable heating trend, with the aim to minimize thermal shock on Patient’s tissues, assuring at the same time the gradual and even thermal conditioning of the perfused region. This is the only HIPEC machine capable of doing both intraperitoneal chemotherapy as well as isolated limb and organ perfusion.


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