3 out of 10 Mumbai residents at high risk of heart attack; reveals Metropolis Healthcare Study

In order to understand the intensity of the heart disease, Metropolis Healthcare conducted a comprehensive study on the population of Mumbai; ahead of World Heart Day falling on September 29th 2016. The study reveals 3 out of 10 Mumbai residents are at high risk of heart attack and a marginal population is at high risk of developing cardio vascular diseases. Among the 1,35,054 lipid profile samples that were collected for a period of five years (2011 – 2015); an alarming 33.14% of patients in the age group of 20-80 years have reported dyslipidaemia and also revealed:

  • 33.14% samples reported high Total Cholesterol level
  • 34.44% have high Triglyceride level
  • 40% of the population have extremely low HDL levels, the good cholesterol and over 53% have less than desirable levels
  • 30.68% have borderline high or high LDL levels

Dr. Deepak Sanghavi, Deputy Chief Of Lab, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd said, “The incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease has been steadily rising in India. The major factors attributed to this are changes in lifestyle, lack of exercise, consumption of non-nutritious food, increased stress level, smoking and irrational use of tobacco. Prolonged working hours, hectic commute and growing incidence of obesity along with sedentary lifestyle is also one of the reasons for Mumbai’s population to be more prone to heart ailments.”


High blood cholesterol and triglyceride –Usually there are no signs or symptoms. People with high blood cholesterol level have higher chances of developing cardiac risk. This results in development of plaques in the arteries.


Plaques are basically a substance made of fat, cholesterol which clogs the arteries depriving heart and brain from getting good amount of oxygen; this increases the chances of heart attack or stroke. The higher level of HDL (sometimes called good cholesterol) in the blood lowers the chances of developing heart disease.


The general perception is that heart disease is more prevalent in men, but women are equally at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The main contributing factor is being unhealthy lifestyle, inappropriate diet and physical inactivity. Smoking and diabetes have also emerged as major factors responsible for causing cardiovascular diseases.


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