CARNA launches ‘Medical Product Catalogue’

Carna Medical Database Pvt Ltd, a joint venture of two Japanese companies, is all set to revolutionize the way India manages its supply chain of medical consumables and disposals. The company today launched first-of-its kind in India ‘Medical Product Catalogue’ to standardize medical product data. The Catalogue serves as the stepping stone in establishing Carna in the Indian Medical Industry as it contains around 26000 consumables and disposables product data from medical manufacturers all over India.

India’s healthcare sector is witnessing a double digit growth. But the supply chain is still in its primitive stage. In view of huge potential that exists in India and a success in Japan, two Japanese giants Konoike Transport and Medius Holdings decided to invest in India where healthcare infrastructure has been a top priority. With initial capital investment of INR 200 million, Konoike and Medius established a joint venture in India Carna Medical Database Pvt Ltd to implement Japanese technology and a real time-tested expertise to create and distribute a medical consumable database and establishing a logistic network to smoothen Indian medical healthcare supply chain management system.

After two years of tedious work, Carna comes out with ‘Medical Product Catalogue’. Containing detailed information about medical consumables, disposables, and implants, the Catalogue serves as a solution to streamline the supply chain management process and offers a wide variety of equipment to choose from. The Catalogue is the first step to the future of a digitalized Indian healthcare sector.

Executive Director of Konoike Transport Co. Ltd. and Managing Director of Carna Mr. Minoru Amano, said, “Our objective is to deliver services to hospitals, medical manufacturers and medical distributors by providing them eight levels of classification and a unique coding system for each medical product. This database incorporates detailed information about all the consumables, disposables and implants available at a single search enabled and interactive platform.”


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