Mental health of children threatened by air pollution: Study

A dangerous link between polluted air and childhood mental illness is exposed in a newly published study by Swedish researchers. Blueair, a world leading air Purification Company founded in Sweden 20 years ago, described the research – the first of its kind to study the impact of polluted air on young children and adolescents under 18-years – as a frightening warning to national lawmakers and city authorities around the world.

“This new study firmly underlines how serious the air pollution threat is to everyone, not just in fast-developing nations like India and China, but also in long-industrialized countries like Sweden, which prides itself on having one of the cleanest environments in the world,” said BengtRittri, founder and CEO of Blueair. Bengt said the latest findings show that outdoor and indoor air pollution is a problem for everyone, everywhere on the planet, not just people living in cities like Beijing, Delhi, Los Angeles or London that often make headline news because of seriously bad air quality.


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