American Oncology Institute kick starts oncology centre in Guntur


Hyderabad-based American Oncology Institute (AOI), the international brand for the US-based Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI), has been growing its network by partnering with existing hospital operators with a view to build high volume and high quality cancer programmes.

In the last few months, AOI has forged a slew of partnerships to invest and manage cancer programmes with hospital operators in India and countries of South Asia. “AOI will invest in medical equipment and technology and infrastructure is to be provided by the partner hospital. AOI will be responsible to manage the entire cancer program at each of its facilities,” said sources.

One of the new projects being launched by AOI is at Vijayawada-Guntur’s NRI Medical College. The centre is being inaugurated today by the deputy CM of Andhra. “This facility is near the new capital city of the newly formed state of Andhra. The cancer centre is housed in a standalone dedicated building of about 50,000 sq. ft. with two operation theatres and 70 beds. The centre will offer end to end diagnostic and treatment services of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. The centre will provide Bone Marrow Transplant services about two to three years from now,” said sources.  While the infrastructure was provided by NRI medical college, AOI is investing in all the technology, equipment, processes and people. AOI currently operates two-day cancer-care clinic and chemotherapy centers in the same region at Andhra Hospital, Vijayawada as well as in Kothapet, Guntur. The flagship hub hospital of AOI is located at Hyderabad.


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